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Strategy and planning is the most important stage of the process as it develops an understanding of your audience and how the website can solve any problems along their journey. At this stage, we'll work with you to plan out your goals, conduct UX research, develop buyer persona's, map journeys, create a wishlist, and complete a global strategy.

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Based on our preparations we'll quickly create and launch your initial website which is better than the site you have today, but is not the final product. Instead this is the foundation on which we will build and optimise from including running sprint workshops, creating effective content, investing in internal efficiencies, and customising an acceleration approach.


Once live we'll continuously update the website and nurture it for growth by collecting real user data and identifying high-impact actions to take. This will include planning an area of focus, creating a performance roadmap, further UX research, brainstorming, priorities, and action items taken. We'll then work in a sprint fashion to build actionable items and use the data to publish learnings and to review results, before repeating the cycle.

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